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Choosing a Nordic Walking Pole

Posted By on Sep 16, 2019


There’s not any formal, legal definition of exactly what exact traits constitute a Nordic walking rod, or adhere.

Launched manufacturers of Nordic walking poles in Europe comprise Exel (Finland), Gabel (Italy), Kompardell (Austria), Leki (Germany), and Swix (Norway). In Canada, a recognized brand is Nordixx.

There are just two points of controversy about Nordic walking poles: the issue of wrist straps, along with the true construction of the rods themselves.

Nordic walking institutions across the world appear to agree that if a rod does not have straps and does not have angled rubber toes, while it might be a nice rod for a certain sort of walking, and though the manufacturer of it might say it is for Nordic walking, which it isn’t technically, really a Nordic walking rod.

Exerstrider poles, that can be strapless sticks created in the US, would consequently not be strictly classed as Nordic walking sticks, even although they are thought to be very great for different kinds of walking. Urban Poling sticks created in Canada, additionally being strapless, would appear to fall in the category of being fitness walking sticks such as Exerstriders. Some rods are half way between, they also have wrist straps ones which look more designed to stop you falling the rods instead of being automatically a way of pushing the rods since the straps are around many Nordic sticks.

In any case, the strap strapless question appears to be a little debate when compared with this disagreement of fixed-length, adjustable-length rod versus one bit solid pole.

I must mention I revealed that the flexible men and women encounter as the more elastic (no pun intended) individuals in existence, who appear likely to say”whatever works best for you”, while others from the fixed-length camp may encounter as stiff and ideological, and also quite miserable that the remainder of the planet is not forced to produce the exact same morally superior pole alternative since they did. And girls will not be amazed that each of the egos involved here belong to guys.

This is simply to say — weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of rods (as you will see below) in light of everything you believe will work best for you and your lifetime, and do not be duped into deciding differently. Marko Kantaneva, among the creators of this game, seemingly boosts both fixed-length and flexible sticks evenly.

Aspects to Think about
There are six factors to consider when considering which kind of Nordic walking poles may be perfect for you.

Straps vs strapless
Fixed length versus elastic
Length of rod Required for you
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Straps vs Allergic

Nordic Walking: Straps vs Strapless

Some manufacturers of Nordic walking poles do predict their strapless sticks Nordic walking poles, although others might say they aren’t. Greater minds than ours could pick the subject; I’ve just written concerning the pros and cons as I know them which you may read here: straps vs strapless walking rods .

Many people today believe straps that aren’t much greater than wrist loops are not great for creating the push method that actual Nordic walking necessitates.

Fixed length versus adjustable length sticks

2a. Fixed length
Fixed-length sticks are only that: rods that are a set span, and therefore are one part of pole. These rods are usually offered in pre-made lengths between 100 and 130 cm, with diverse lengths at 5 cm increments between these two numbers.

That said, a few fixed-length versions do cheat a little, using a little portion of these that can go down or up a little for a more precise fit for the consumer, permitting (generally ) a +/-5cm adjustability range. Without that, some saythe danger is that you can discover the a pole a little too long or brief for you. Sometimes these are known as”extending poles” since they stretch somewhat.

Fans of fixed-length sticks state they are usually lighter in weight compared to flexible poles, and they enjoy the texture of the rods since they swing. They also feel that the rods are more sturdy than flexible rods: which they anticipate them more to encourage them if they wish to proceed leaping and worry about. They also feel the fixed-length sticks vibrate when they hit the earth compared to elastic poles do.

1 drawback is that if you’re the hospitable kind, it is more difficult to put up on spare fixed-length sticks for visiting guests which you may want to haul out on a stroll on you, if you don’t buy and continue to hand several unique sizes.

2b. Adjustable
Adjustable rods have segments which you simply pull out to produce the rod more, or push into produce the rod shorter. Usually, then you turn the sticks to lock the extensions into position safely and securely.

Such rods may have two bits three. (The three-piece ones are usually known as”telescopic” or”traveller” models.) The 3 piece versions will fall into a shorter pole, simpler for packaging to a backpack or bag, and also travelling.

It is simple to correct a flexible rod to the specific right length for you.

The alterations can”slide down” over time, leading in 1 rod being shorter than another in the conclusion of an extreme walk, state, but that is nearly always the result of never having tightened the rod’s locking mechanism .

There is a risk that less well- generated versions can vibrate more use than fixed-length sticks but with contemporary nicely assembled ones which threat must be quite minimal. There were a few adjustable ones created that were of inferior quality, but there are also some fixed duration ones as badly made. That having been said, stationary poles probably might have a little less vibration, flexible individuals will acknowledge, but they move on to say it likely will not be evident to most people anyway. Some say the most essential element isn’t flexible or fixed but instead the proportion of carbon the carbon dioxide the vibration.

Flexible allows for disputes involving different sides of the body, or limited shoulder motion on both sides. Adjustable rods are also easier to give to your guest for occasional use, and simpler to pass on a friend or another relative as you update sticks.

Sometimes, you can overloosen the bits of a flexible pole so it will not tighten again. Here’s a useful movie out of Nordic Walking UK demonstrating how to Repair this issue:

Length of rod you need

Here’s the formula for how long a rod needs to be for you, whether It’s a fixed-length or flexible pole:

Your height in cm * .68

(You need to provide your height in cm or so the formulation will not work.)

For flexible rods, that’s the length to place your rods to. (Note that sometimes lengthening the rod by a couple of cm from ordinary for you are able to give a marginally harder exercise and provide you with additional upper body exercise.)

For fixed-length sticks, there’s yet another step: you choose the amount you have, then round up or down to the closest even 5 cm increment. (If you have 112, around down to 110; in case you have 114, round around 115.) This provides you with the amount of fixed-length rod to purchase.

Here’s a movie covering the way to figure the duration of fixed-length sticks for you personally. It is created by the Exel individuals but the principles apply to each of rods.

After the rod is the ideal length, then whenever you’re holding the rod, with the rod angled back so the tip of the rod is on your own foot, then your arm ought to be bent at 90 degrees and slightly more downwards — which is, about 100 levels down.


All Nordic rods are usually made from light weight metal. The compounds used are usually either carbon or aluminum.

Carbon is thought to be the best material, and usually the greater the proportion of carbon from the rods, the more costly they are. Fantastic excellent carbon rods are created from cross-linked carbon fiber.

Fantastic excellent aluminum rods are manufactured from 7075 aluminum alloy, which may be as tough as most steels while being light weight.

Carbon is lighter than aluminum, shinier and shinier less. Aluminum is more elastic, which makes it simpler for running and bounding since it is less likely to split.

Some rods might be mix carbon/fiberglass or mix 6061 / / 7075 aluminum or composite carbon / aluminum.

A newcomer just trying Nordic walking for size might not have to visit the cost of carbon sticks just yet. They could be better to start off with great excellent aluminum and then when they become a long-term professional of the game, the aluminum ones could be passed into a buddy just starting out from the game.

Some producers (for instance, Leki) provide a warranty against rod breakage.


Nordic Walking Pole Handles

The grips on Nordic walking poles might be made from plastic, or foam, or cork, or any mix thereof. They generally can be replaced when they’re worn out.

Vinyl and foam last more than silk, but cork is more absorbent, also supplies a non invasive grip, particularly in warm sweaty weather.

Handle types do not appear to excite the exact same type of fire as rod types do. Most professionals will only say that the grips are a personal taste, but to keep in mind that in theory you are not likely to be with a death grip in any way times on the grips anyhow.


Nordic Walking Pole Tips

You do not typically receive a great deal of decision about the hints that include your own sticks. Though with some producers, for example Exel and Leki, you can later purchase more costly tips as an update.

Tips are often plastic using a carbide tungsten end, which might be pointed or blunt.


Many people today say, if you’re simply likely to have one pair of rods, make it a flexible set, since then it is possible to adjust the span and use the sticks for all types of exercise walking besides Nordic.

Other folks state because you get more experience, and because you get started running, jumping and leaping around with your rods, you may need rock-solid sturdy one-piece sticks.

Nordic walking is a really friendly game where individuals generally do not take themselves too seriously (if just because they can not — recall the dork factor), but the subject of fixed vs flexible pole kind is one about which individuals will become very arrogant and pushy so just ignore that and go with what sounds best for you now at this phase of life. Bear in mind, there is like thing as”hand-me downs” — you could always upgrade later and move your prior ones on a buddy that you have converted into the game!

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