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The very first thing that my Mom taught me following the shipping of my Son is Swaddling. Swaddling is the very basic yet important thing of parenting… plus it’s going to be quite valuable for you so long term she explained…. Therefore it did. It played really crucial part in my parenting journey.

It was so useful , when my second child was born… after getting him& dressing him cute little clothing the very first thing I did was Swaddle him.

In this article I will list down many manners my babies are profited by Swaddling.

But before that, Lets find out what Swaddling is…

Swaddling is that the age old method utilized by parents centuries. Swaddling is snugly wrapping the infant in the bit of cloth or blanket.

mom and baby product

Benefits of Swaddling

Swaddling keeps Newborn babies warm, as from the uterus, until their own body adjusts to the surrounding environment & the body’s thermostat begins functioning.
Swaddling recreates the restricted space available for movement in the uterus, hence retains the newborn babies comfy.
It keeps them secure as in Mother’s lap.
When sleeping, swaddling prevents jerking of feet & hands… thus enabling them to sleep peacefully for more time.
It soothes the cranky infant.
It can help to calm down infant.
It creates managing infant way simpler.
There were cases when I had been asked by coworkers and friends that had babies… why I swaddle my baby & the way to take action.

I Say its method of wrapping the infant in fabric.

I state with grin it is important artwork of parenting… & it really is. It’s helped me a great deal in my journey of parenting…. It helps you also. Therefore, if you’re shortly to become momma… do not forget to swaddle your infant.

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