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Some sports like hockey or soccer have a massive collection of security equipment which range from shin guards to shoulder pads and helmets to list a couple. But paintball actually only has a single wearable item of safety gear; the mask.

Paintball masks are made to guard your ears and face. If you’re trying to find a mask you should search for one which covers your entire face region, brow to chin with protection to your ears. If the mask does not fully cover these areas start looking to get a larger mask. Some mask also offer protection to your mind, while this isn’t entirely necessary since the surface of your mind is tough and may defy a paintball, a few folks feel better using this alternative.


Because this is the principal protection you would like something which fits just perfect. Start looking for a mask that fits firmly in your mind without pinching. You ought to be able to tighten the straps to create your mask cozy without maxing out the adjusters or stretching the straps out. Be certain your mask fits around your ears and also the mouth guard does not reach your torso when you look down along with your shoulders once you appear to the sides. Bear in mind that this is all about security first then fashion. You want to be certain everything is guarded and feels comfy first, then attempt to find the look you desire.


Although the majority of individuals do not pay much attention into the foam padding within a mask it is sometimes a big difference between a great mask and a fantastic mask. Most of all you need make certain you enjoy how the foam feels on your face. You will be wearing this much so relaxation is a huge portion of security. You would like to locate a mask which has form that’s elastic and will mould to your face, however, may also come back to its initial form. You also wish to inspect the way the type in secured/glued into the mask. Check for a good adhesive job with no pits or corners unattached.


When searching through the mask; be certain the lens region offers enough side eyesight. On average person possess a subject eyesight of 180 degrees, unless you’re planning of appearing from the corner of your eye rather than turning your mind, a mask using 120 degree field of vision ought to be more than sufficient. Then you need to try to find a mask using a thermal lens. Thermal lenses are two distinct lenses with air between them that can help prevent fogging. You’ll also discover some lenses are tinted, while these don’t increase the security of the mask, they can offer a function much like shades or only a cool element.


Paintball masks may cost from $20 to over $100. To choose which mask is ideal for you decide exactly what features you actually need (by way of instance, you might need decent fog protection, thus you are going to want to appear at masks offering a thermal lens) then see what masks match your budget. The ideal mask isn’t always the most expensive; it is just the mask which matches and works best for you personally.

Additional Things

Most sprays arrive with visors that many find to be helpful when playing outside. Furthermore, some masks arrive with built-in fans created to decrease fogging, while some are made to have a buff added on if needed. The plastic of the mask are available in many levels of rigidity. Some gamers prefer softer plastic that might help prevent a chunk break. When picking a mask; picked one that’s stiff enough to your liking. The vinyl comes in many colors ranging from bright blues and reds to dull whites and blacks, which means you ought to able to discover a colour you want. Additionally, there are many purely decorative updates you may add to customize your mask.

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